Down To Earth – Hope For The Future

Farmers by choice is an on going photographic project about farming community in the Thousand Islands, Ontario.  Understanding their culture, creating a body of work which shows life on the farm, their daily routines, the traditions, the land, nature and challenges. I want to create a visual experience of the place, the people, telling their story by engaging with the farmers in the region.

Lemoines’ Point Farmer

In the light of this farm, I am exploring the nature of the farmer relationships with his animals and the land. The farmer appreciates the animals for more than their production utility and sees them as individuals. Each contributes to the well-being of the other; humans provide the feed and housing for animals, and the animals give him improved nutrition, better health, and companionship.

Root Radical Farm

Down to earth & rising sun – Reflecting hope for the future

This work and series of photographs is an exploration of the growing movement of highly educated, first-time farmers. These farmers are working at creating a sustainable food movement. They find ways to farm premium fresh, organic, healthy foods. Many of them are involved in their local food systems via community supported agriculture (CSA) programs and farmers markets. They have a broad impact on the food system and the farming landscape in the Thousand Islands, Ontario, Canada.

For them farming is as much a way of life as a way to make a living. The farm is a good place to live, a good place to raise a family, and a good way to be a part of a caring community. Their farming operations reflect the things they like to do, the things they believe in, and the things they have a passion for.

Everything they do is a reflection of how sustainable food movement looks to the future. Building a strong sense of community through community-shared agriculture and making good quality food affordable to everyone remains at the base of their core values. With this model, they offer the opportunity to build alternative economic model, which put an emphasis on our relationships with human beings in our society and with our food.

Click here to visit Root Radical CSA Farm

DoubleJay Farms

I have been photographing DoubleJay Farms for 3 years, documenting life on their farm. They are an organic dairy farmer with 25 Holstein cows; produces grass fed organic beef and grows hay and pasture on over 300 acres of land.

We often forget that there are people who rely on the land for their livelihood while facing adversity everyday. Most of us don’t realize the importance of dirt and water, where life starts. These are not just simple words; the quality of our food is the direct result of the quality of the dirt and water.

During my time on the farm, I learned to observe, to read into simple changes. This is when I chose to turn these mundane daily moments into something I have chosen to document: “Farming life”

In this project, I am looking to show farming life in relation with its environment: working with their bare hands; using traditional practices, which for most of us seems hard work (and it is) when running a small sustainable farm.

The farmers take huge risks to stay committed to organic farming, counting on their human capabilities, especially in the face of the unpredictability of the weather. Not only this, farming is a daily struggle to maintain healthy traditions and resources from the challenges coming from globalization, competing technology, and large corporation agribusiness.

My time went beyond documenting their daily activities. I learned what it really means to have a deep commitment to their farming community and to social good.